How to Get to Universal Studios Japan from Kyoto

A common question for visitors to Japan is how to get to Universal Studios Japan from Kyoto. This article will assist you in better understanding the options to travel from Osaka to USJ.

When we first visited USJ we did it as a day trip from Kyoto.  It was a very long day with an early start, but it meant we didn’t have to move to another hotel.  On our second visit to USJ we stayed at a hotel outside the entrance to USJ which was a much better experience!

How to Purchase Universal Studios Japan Tickets and Express Passes

We have a detailed article to help you plan your visit to USJ, including how to purchase your tickets and skip the queue Express Passes.

How to Get to Universal Studios Japan from Kyoto

Travel time from Kyoto Station to Universal City Station is about 45-55 minutes, and you have to use 3 or 4 trains to get there.

If you have a Japan Rail Pass, you will be able to use your JR Pass for all parts of the trip. Note that not all trains between Kyoto and Osaka are included in the Japan Rail Pass, so check before booking. Also, be aware that there is a shinkansen bullet train as well as local trains between the two cities, so use Google Maps to look up your specific location in Kyoto to work out which option will make the most sense to get to USJ.

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