How to Get to Universal Studios Japan from Osaka

A common question for visitors to Japan is how to get to Universal Studios Japan from Osaka. This article will assist you in better understanding the options to travel from Osaka to USJ.

How to Purchase Universal Studios Japan Tickets and Express Passes

We have a detailed article to help you plan your visit to USJ, including how to purchase your tickets and skip the queue Express Passes.

How to Get to Universal Studios Japan from Osaka

People typically stay near the following stations in Osaka:

You can use Google Maps to work out train schedules and route options from your accommodation.  You should expect to change trains 2-3 times before getting to Universal City Station.

You can use an ICOCA or Suica card to tap on and off each train, and the route is also covered by your Japan Rail Pass.

USJ has a good graphic that shows the specific trains and travelling time required to get from the Osaka / Kyoto region to Universal City Station. All the train stations have clear signage and are easy to navigate with the help of online tools like Google Maps.

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