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New Year’s Eve Count Down Parties in Japan

Many of you will be in Japan for New Year’s Eve in the next couple of days!

Voyagin has just informed us that many of their New Year’s Eve ticketed events are starting to sell out, however some tickets are still remaining for Countdown cruises and the parties at Tokyo Fight Club & Shangri-La Hotel.

Click here to check out and book your New Year’s Eve Count Down Party Tickets through Voyagin

Key Japan Planning Information

Featured Activity – Day Skiing, Snowboarding and Snow Play Trips from Tokyo

While many of you will be spending a week or more skiing and snowboarding while in Japan over the winter season, many of you are visiting in this time and would just like to plan one day in the snow, either to go skiing, snow boarding or to just play in the snow.  You may not realise that there are several good day trip options available.

If you want to go skiing and snowboarding on real snow, a great option is to do a day trip to Gala Yuzawa Ski Resort which is located east from Nagano, in the Japanese Alps.  The unique thing about Gala Yuzawa Resort is that it is located on a shinkansen or bullet train station – and you can travel there directly from Tokyo in only 80 minutes each way! And walk out of the station and directly into the resort, where you can easily hire skiing and snowboarding equipment and outer wear.  It has runs which are suitable for beginners to advanced skiiers and snow boarders, as well as an English speaking ski and snow boarding school, so is therefore very suitable for travellers to Tokyo to experience a day in the snow, Japan style.

Voyagin offers a great day tour package which includes your return shinkansen tickets from Tokyo, all areas day lift ticket and a discount on ski school lessons.  Don’t forget to apply the current coupon code discount whcih will pop up when you click through below!

Click here to check out the Gala Yuzawa Skiing and Snow Boarding Day Trip Package through Voyagin

There are also a good selection of beginner level skiing, snow boarding and snow play options on the lower slopes of Mt Fuji.  Check out our detailed article to see the options and day tours available.

Klook Summer Promotion for Australians

Klook is currently running a summer discount coupon code promotion for Australian customers, for travel to Japan and many other destinations.  You can get a discount of 8% when you use the coupon code HOLIDAYSAU when you are in the check out stage.  Click here to see further information about options you can book through Klook to take advantage of this discount.  This deal expires on 11 January 2019 so get in quickly to ensure you do not miss out!

Voyagin Year End Sale Promotion

Voyagin is currently running their Year End Sale from 1 November 2018 to 6 January 2019 with the following coupon code discounts, note that this deal does not include discounts on Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Disneysea tickets or whole of Japan Rail Passes:

  • Spend $US 80, Save $US 5, use coupon code`YEAREND5`
  • Spend $US 130, Save $US 10, use coupon code `YEAREND10`
  • Spend $US 350, Save $US 30, use coupon code `YEAREND30`

To see a great range of popular purchase options through Voyagin to take advantage of this sale I suggest you check out our Voyagin Tours and Tickets page at this link.

Voyagin JR Pass Promotion

Voyagin is also currently running their JR Pass Promotion from 1 November 2018 to 6 January 2019 with the following coupon code discounts, note that this deal can only be used for 7, 14 or 21 day unlimited National JR Passes– with the option for international shipping to all destinations.

Spend 58,000 Yen, Save 2000 Yen, use coupon code`JR2000` (ie. spend $US 510, get $US 18 discount)
Spend 87,000 Yen, Save 3000 Yen, use coupon code`JR3000` (ie. spend $US 766, get $US 26 discount)
Spend 100,000 Yen, Save 4000 Yen, use coupon code`JR4000`(ie. spend $US 881, get $US 35 discount)

Tour Radar Boxing Day Sale

Tour Radar is currently running their Boxing Day Sale over 26 December 2018 to 2 January 2019, where you can get discounts of up to $US600 on package tours to Japan and many other destinations.

Click here to check out the Tour Radar Boxing Day Sale Options


Major Upcoming Events in Japan

Other Japan Events

Click on this page for Tokyo and this page for Japan to see the upcoming events.

Snow Monkey Season!

With winter now here in Japan many of you will be planning to visit Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park near Nagano to see the monkeys bathing in the hot springs.  We have just completed a major update to our article on how to visit the park either as part of a one or two day tour, or to visit independently.

Click here to check out our article:  How To Visit Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park From Tokyo And Nagano In Winter 2018-2019

How to Visit Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park from Tokyo and Nagano in Winter 2018-2019

Everything Sumo!

Upcoming sumo tournaments:

For more information about how to purchase your sumo wrestling tickets check out my article on How To Buy Sumo Wrestling Online Tickets In 2018 and 2019.

How to Buy Sumo Wrestling Online Tickets in 2019

Top Articles This Week From the Facebook Group

7 Niche Things You Have to do in Tokyo by The Evening Standard

Japan is a country full of wonder where traditions are deeply revered but modernity is embraced unlike anywhere else.

Tokyo, a sprawling metropolis, is arguably one of the most exciting cities in the world to visit.  It’s bursting with incredible restaurants, from side street huts to Michelin starred dining rooms, world-class clothing shops and subcultures that feel otherworldly.  Below are seven quintessentially Japanese experiences that will make your trip extra memorable..  Click here to read more…

8 Memorable Things to Do in the Japanese Capital by Departures

Tokyo is one of the most awe-inspiring mega-cities on earth, and, inevitably, it pulls and tugs and tempts all five senses (usually all at once). Often, it tinkers and tampers with perception in unexpected ways—you may be surprised by the quietness of such a crowded city, or the chewing gum sugariness of a bite of sashimi at a hidden izakaya, or the sight of slightly odd, slightly imposing Neo-retro architecture rising out of its more corporate wards. It is a world within itself, and there are no shortages of singular adventures to be had (but do get ready to steel yourself; if you’re flying in from any of the United States’s timezones, the jet lag is brutal).

Inspired by Perrier-Jouët’s mesmeric Eden event held last Thursday, here’s a list of eight of the best experiential activities to do in Tokyo right now—from the stimulatingly neon to the thrilling throwbacks.  Click here to read more…

What To Do In Tokyo: North, South, East And West Districts by Pretraveller

Trying to decide what do in Tokyo is a challenge! The city has a multitude of places and activities to do, and depending on our interests you have many themes to choose from – from futuristic, historic, cultural and kuwaii (cute)!

Tokyo is metropolis which is quite large in size and has many different neighbourhoods so you need to plan ahead to make the most of your time. I decided to reach out to the travel blogging community to be able to present a comprehensive list of what to do in Tokyo, so as a result this article has contributions from over 25 travel bloggers, who have each done a different itinerary when we each visited Tokyo! The list has been structured by district of Tokyo so you can easily cluster together activities in similar areas when you put together your itinerary.  Click here to read more…

Thanks Anne and Tony.

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Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links.  If you book after clicking on one of these links then we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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