Japan Travel Planning Newsletter – 3 November 2019

Japan Travel Planning

Welcome to the Japan Travel Planning fortnightly newsletter for 3 November 2019, which includes information to help you plan your trip to Japan, top travel deals and articles about Japan.  A great resource to plan your trip is our Start Here to Plan Your Trip to Japan page.

Key Japan Planning Information

Black Friday Sales – 29 November 2019

Be aware that the Black Friday Sales will be coming on 29 November 2019 – and usually there are many great deals available for travellers to Japan!  You can check out our article from the 2018 Black Friday Sales to see the sort of deals which were available last year, and plan ahead in terms of what you may wish to plan to book,  We are already starting to receive emails with details of the upcoming sales, and will update our sales article about one week prior to the Black Friday Sales.

Start Planning Your Trip to Japan

We have been very busy producing new content following our recent Japan trip.  You can check out our most recent articles below:

What next you may well ask?  We are planning to release more Universal Studios Japan articles over the coming weeks, as well as many more articles to help you plan your visit to Japan.

Avoid FOMO… Order Your Japan Planning Calendar Now!

A real challenge when you start planning your trip to Japan is to understand when public holidays, school holidays and significant events are occurring, so that you can either choose to join in with these events or avoid them.

As a result we have spent many hours creating detailed planning calendars for Japan which include details of all of the public holidays, Japan school holidays and major events to help you plan your trip. The downloadable PDF documents include clickable links for each event to help you easily find out more information and more confidently plan your itinerary.  Click here to find out more and purchase your Japan Planning Calendar.  

Your Japan Planning Calendar

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Voyagin Year End Sale Promotion

Voyagin are currently running their Year End Sale from 1 November 2019 to 6 January 2020 where you can save up to $US40 per booking using the below coupon codes.  Note that the coupon codes are not valid for Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, Universal Studios Japan or any JR Passes.

  • Save $10 when you spend $150, “2019YEAREND10”
  • Save $25 when you spend $300, “2019YEAREND25”
  • Save $40 when you spend $450, “2019YEAREND40”

To see a great range of popular purchase options through Voyagin to take advantage of this sale I suggest you check out our Voyagin Tours and Tickets page at this link.

Major Upcoming Events in Japan

Upcoming major events for the next month (and you can find many more events into the future in our Japan Planning Calendars as mentioned previously!).

Click on this page for Tokyo and this page for Japan to see further information about upcoming events.

Everything Sumo!

Upcoming sumo tournaments:

  • 10 – 24 November 2019 in Fukuoka.  Official ticket sales commenced on 5 October 2019.  You can also order tickets through Voyagin at this link.
  • 12 – 26 January 2020 in Tokyo.  Official ticket sales commence on 7 December 2019.  Click here to pre-order tickets through Voyagin.  Ensure you place your order early to ensure that you have the best chance of getting the tickets you want.
  • 8 – 22 March 2020 in Osaka.   Official ticket sales commence on 2 February 2020.  Voyagin pre-sales have not yet commenced.
  • 10 – 24 May 2020 in Tokyo.  Official ticket sales commence on 4 April 2020.  Voyagin pre-sales have not yet commenced.

For more information about how to purchase your sumo wrestling tickets check out our article on How To Buy Sumo Wrestling Online Tickets in 2020.

Key Japan Planning Information

Autumn Foliage Planning

For those of you planning to visit Japan from now to mid December you are almost definitely planning to try to see some of the glorious autumn foliage colours throughout Japan.

I have found a very comprehensive guide on the Matcha website which includes detailed information about the fall colour dates and locations across all of Japan from north to south.  Click here to check it out and to incorporate into your itinerary planning.

Autumn Foliage Season in Japan

For those of you planning to visit Japan from now to mid December you are almost definitely planning to try to see some of the glorious autumn foliage colours throughout Japan.  Click here to check out a comprehensive fall foliage map and schedule for Japan to incorporate these dates into your itinerary planning.  the autumn foliage season runs until mid to late November in the more southern areas of Japan.

Skiing and Snowboarding Season in Japan

As the weather gets cooler many of you will also be looking forward to experiencing the snow in Japan – whether you visit as a sightseer, skiier or snow boarder.  The Japan skiing resorts open from mid December to mid April, with Hokkaido having the longest season and the southern parts of Japan having the shortest seasons.

Snow Play, Skiing and Snowboarding Day Tours from Tokyo

If you would just like to do some snow sightseeing, there are some great day trip options you can take from Tokyo and see Mt Fuji a the same time.  Check out our article on the Top 3 Snow Play, Skiing And Snowboarding Day Tours Near Tokyo to see the options and book in your day tour.  Each of these options are great for sightseeing or beginner skiiers and snow boarders.

Top 3 Snow Play, Skiing and Snowboarding Day Tours From Tokyo

Snow Play, Skiing and Snowboarding Day Tour from Osaka and Kyoto

You may not realise that you can also do a fun day tour from Osaka or Kyoto to experience the snow near Kobe, to the west of Osaka.  Mt Rokkosan is easily accessible – you can easily travel by train from Osaka or Kyoto to Kobe.  From there you can travel to Mt Rokkosan using the Kobe Rokkosan Tourist Pass, which includes access to the main cable car to get up the mountain, as well as bus access.  Click here to check out and purchase the Kobe Rokkosan Tourist Pass through Klook.  Once you get to the top you can separately purchase your entry into the Rokko Snow Park – click this link to see more details about the park.

Alternatively you can book a one day tour from Osaka to do snow play at Mt Rokko through Veltra.  Veltra is a reputable online travel agency.  Click here to check out pricing and book a Mt Rokko Day Tour through Veltra.

Skiing and Snow Boarding Options Near Nagano

If you would prefer a more natural snow experience then there are many options within a short journey from Tokyo, and the great thing is that you do not need to book a package – you can easily book your accommodation and then have local access to lift tickets and rental equipment.  From Tokyo Nagano is a short 1:30 hr trip on the Shinkansen (bullet train), and from there there are a lot of easy options to get to your planned skiing area.

JR East Pass Nagano & Niigata Area Pass – Flexible 5 Days within 14 Days

If you are planning to travel to the Nagano area for skiing or snow boarding you should definitely check out a great regional Japan Rail Pass which has been custom made with skiiers in mind!  The JR East Pass Nagano & Niigata Area is a flexible pass which provides 5 days of travel within a 14 day period.  This pass includes access to unlimited travel around Tokyo, Nagano, Niigata, and surrounding area.

You can use one day to get from Narita or Haneda Airports to your skiing destination, one day to return and three other days where you can travel within either the Nagano, Niigata or Tokyo areas. The pass also includes the following discounts:

  • Discount on tickets for the Matsumoto – Takayama Limited Express Bus Round Trip (adults save 1,160 JPY, children save 530 JPY)
  • Discounts on car rental from JR Rent-A-Car (AKA Eki Rent-A-Car)
  • Able to buy Sado Niigata Pass, giving discount travel to and around Sado Island from Niigata

You must order this pass before leaving your home country – you can easily order online through Voyagin and receive your e-ticket within 72 hours which you can then use to exchange for your pass after you arrive in Japan.

Click here to check out and order your JR East Pass Nagano & Niigata Area Pass – Flexible 5 Days within 14 Days through Voyagin.

Nozawa Ski Resort

Nozawa Ski Resort is a very popular skiing destination, as as per the name is also an onsen town with many options to bathe in the local hot springs.

To get to Nozawa Onsen the fastest option is to catch the shinkansen bullet train direct from Tokyo to Iiyama Station which takes approximately 1:50 hrs.  From there you can catch a bus to Nozawa Onsen which takes around 20 minutes.  Click here to see more details of the access options for Nozawa Onsen.

Click here to check out the options and availability to stay at Nozawa Onsen through Booking.com

Hakuba Ski Resort

Hakuba Valley is the mother of all ski resorts, with ten different ski resorts located along the valley.  As a result it is a very popular destination for travellers to Japan.

Hakuba is also easy to get to – you catch the shinkansen train to Nagano Station and then a bus to Hakuba Resort which takes approximately 3 hours.

Click here to check out the options and availability to stay in Hakuba through Booking.com.

Myoko Kogen Ski Resort

Myoko Kogen Ski Resort is a less well known option also located near Nagano.  It is a great smaller ski resort which is suitable for families.

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Myoko is easy to get to on the train and takes approximately 3 hours – you catch the shinkansen to Nagano and then change to a local train for the final leg of the journey.

Click here to check out the options and availability to stay at Myoko Ski Resort through Booking.com.

Tangram Ski Circus Resort and Madarao Ski Resort

Tangram Ski Circus Resort and  Madarao Ski Resort are located on either side of the same mountain, and you can easily access them through staying at the Tangram Hotel, which provides ski in ski out access and also a lovely onsen experience.  Tangram is well known for being family friendly, while Madarao has more difficult ski runs.

To get to Tangram Hotel you need to catch a train to Kurohime Station which takes approximately 2:15 hrs, and then take a taxi for a 35 minute ride to get to the hotel.

Click here to check out availability and make your booking for the Tangram Hotel through Booking.com.

Top Articles This Week From the Facebook Group

5 Foods You Have to Try in Japan by Adventure & Sunshine

We were all pretty excited about the delicious foods to try in Japan. We have a Japanese restaurant near our home in Melbourne that we love and visit regularly. The food is different to what many people are used to at home, but we find it to be fresh, tasty and most importantly, kid friendly. There is a huge variation of food types with more than enough options to keep everyone happy.

Japan was the first stop on our 12 month trip around the world and we were sticking to a tight budget. As such, our list of 5 foods you have to try won’t break the bank and doesn’t include visits to any of the countless Michelin starred restaurants dotted around the country. However, the good news is that the food in Japan is varied and delicious and it is possible to enjoy the foods the country is famous for without paying a lot of money. This list is for those who are looking for a cheaper yet still unique food experience in Japan with kids!  Click here to read more…

30 Reasons to visit Japan – Why you should visit Japan once in your life by Chapter Travel

Are you still not sure why you should visit Japan at least once in your life? In this post you can find 30 reasons to visit Japan! It’s one of our favourite destinations in Asia. Probably because it has the perfect mix of culture, history and modern comfort. And lets not forget the amazing food they have! Japan is a unique country, and even though you might have an image of how it will be, this beautiful country will definitely still surprise you!

Below you can read 30 reasons why you should visit Japan. Click here to read more…

The most amazing things to do in Miyajima island by Travelling Dany

Many people plan only a day trip to Miyajima from Hiroshima, thinking that this tiny island off the coast of Japan only has one point of interest. Yet while the floating torii at Itsukushima Shrine is an absolute must see, there are many more amazing things to do in Miyajima island that you shouldn’t miss. Whether you’re planning to stay just for a few hours or if you’re going to book an overnight stay, let us show you what to do in Miyajima and how to get there!  Click here to read more…

Thanks Anne and Tony.

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Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links.  If you book after clicking on one of these links then we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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