Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo: A Magical Experience for Kids

How do you describe Legoland Discovery Center to a friend who hasn’t been yet? Imagine a magic machine that shrinks you and your children down to Lego mini-figure size and then drops you into the most imaginative, interactive, and primary-coloured Legoland experience. Now, imagine this happening in Tokyo!

I’ve been visiting Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo since my children were babies. Lego plays an important part in our home, so introducing my kids to a Lego-themed world close to central Tokyo was a natural choice. I had no idea then how this indoor Lego haven would keep my children entertained, even ten years later.

The new additions and upgrades impressed me on my recent visit with my son and twin nephews.

In this article, I’ll guide you through Legoland Tokyo’s major attractions and food options and share tips on what to bring and what to expect for a fun-filled day out.

Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links.  If you book after clicking on one of these links then we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo
  • Easily accessible, indoor amusement park in Odaiba.
  • Perfect for any weather, ensuring a fun day out.
  • Engaging activities and interactive attractions for families

How is Legoland Discovery Center Different from Legoland Japan Resort?

I think it is worth noting, to avoid confusion, that there are a few Legoland-titled experiences in Japan.

  • Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo is an indoor Lego-themed amusement park and play centre located in Odaiba, Tokyo.
  • Legoland Discovery Center Osaka is in Tempozan Market, Osaka. It is also an indoor Lego-themed amusement park and play centre.
  • Legoland Resort Japan is located in Nagoya. It’s a larger outdoor theme park (with some indoor attractions) and has a Lego-themed hotel.

The Legoland Tokyo (and Osaka) options are entirely indoors. This makes them both a wonderful spot for young families to plan for while in Japan. 

A Legoland Discovery Centre Tokyo visit is not weather dependent (and therefore great for the heat of Summer and also for rainy days.

Unlike its Legoland Nagoya counterpart, Legoland Discovery Centre in Tokyo has no fast-paced or ‘scary’ rides, so there is no need to worry about what might not be appropriate for your family. 

Legoland Tokyo also rarely sells out, so it is a great last-minute option for children who just need some play time that is all about them. 

Three boys are posing energetically in front of colorful signs for Madame Tussauds Tokyo, LEGOLAND Discovery Center, and Tokyo Trick Art Museum. The boys are standing on a wooden deck against a modern building facade, each wearing casual sportswear
Outside Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo

Why visit Legoland Discovery Centre Tokyo?

Legoland Discovery Centre Tokyo is located in Odaiba, Tokyo. 

I find Odaiba to be one of the most child-friendly spaces in Tokyo. Although Odaiba isn’t exactly the place to experience ‘traditional Japanese culture’, there are so many indoor options for families here – for example:

  • the Miraikan Museum of Emerging Science, 
  • three gigantic shopping malls, 
  • the Unko (aka Poop) Museum
  • Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and
  • many, many family-friendly restaurants that are much more spacious than you will often find in the Tokyo city centre.  

See? So many lovely indoor activities for families! So, naturally, the Legoland Discovery Centre is a fabulous addition to anyone’s Odaiba itinerary. 

Extra tip: Take the Yurikamome light rail when travelling to Legoland. It is an unmanned train, so if you travel in the front carriage, children feel like they are ‘driving.’ It’s a highlight for my kids every single time. 

A child wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt and a beanie looks out the window of the driverless Yurikamome line train as it approaches the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo. The track curves ahead with the bridge structure and city skyline visible under a clear blue sky.
About to cross the Rainbow Bridge on the Yurikamome Line

Another Extra tip: Did you know that Legoland Odaiba’s Yurikamome Line Station is only a few stations from Team Lab Planets AND Kidzania?

As anyone who has visited Japan knows, it is very much an active, ‘on your feet’ kind of holiday. This is exciting for everyone, but of course, children get tired and also crave solely kid-friendly time. 

Legoland is the perfect ‘escape’ for active kids as:

  • It’s small enough to enjoy in just a few hours.
  • It’s clean and safe for toddlers and babies to explore.
  • Every facility is family-friendly, from the restaurant menu to the restrooms.
  • Though not quiet, it’s well-contained for parents to easily supervise their children, with spots for parents to sit while the kids play.

On another one-parent-to-another note, I really like how the main area of Legoland is quite open. I can watch many children taking part in different activities at the same time, which gives them more flexibility without me having to shepherd them from one area to another. 

Preparing for your Visit to Legoland Tokyo

There are a few things to check and pack before visiting Legoland Discovery Centre Tokyo. 

How to Buy Legoland Tokyo Tickets

The Legoland Tokyo website is extremely English and credit card-friendly, so I always buy tickets directly from the website. There is variable ticket pricing with prices higher at more popular times.

KlookRakuten and KKDay also sell Legoland Tokyo tickets at the same price, so choose which online ticket option you are most comfortable with. 

Once a Legoland Tokyo ticket has been purchased online, you can use the QR code sent via email to enter Legoland. 

Legoland Tokyo guests have a three-hour time limit on weekends and public holidays (but I don’t imagine you’d ever need more time than that anyway).  The time limit is because weekends and national holidays are always busier. Children are given a wristband so staff can see when their three hours are up. 

A sign at the entrance of LEGOLAND Discovery Center explains the three-hour playtime limit in multiple languages. It features colored wristbands and a LEGO family illustration. The English text reads, "To ensure we provide a memorable experience to all our guests, each timeslot is limited to a 3 hour playtime. A wristband will be provided which needs to be worn at all times.
Sign at the Discovery Center Entrance – Three Hour Limit

When making a reservation using the Legoland Discovery Center website, there are a number of ticket options:

  • An Online Saver ticket (starting from 2,250 yen) is the most cost-effective way to enter Legoland. It can be purchased anytime directly from the Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo website – even on the day of your visit.  This ticket allows you to choose a date and time to visit. This ticket includes a free Lego-themed digital photo. 
  • An Online Combination ticket (from 3,400 yen) allows entrance to Legoland and Madame Tussauds (located next door.) 
  • Limited Time Only Discounted Adult Tickets are occasionally offered for certain times of the year. 
  • There is also an Annual Pass option. 

Children 0-2 years old can enter Legoland Tokyo for free (but must be accompanied by a ticket-holding parent or guardian.) 

When is the Discovery Center Open?

Legoland Tokyo’s operating hours occasionally change, so it is best to check the calendar on the Legoland Discover Center website here. However, to give you a general idea, Legoland in Tokyo is usually open between 10 am and 6 pm on weekdays and until 7 pm on weekends. 

Legoland is one of the few children’s venues in Tokyo open during the first few days of January (almost all shops, restaurants, and tourist sights are closed from 1 to 3 January each year). 

Best times to visit Legoland Tokyo

It is rare for Legoland Tokyo to be sold out, but I would still book ahead online so that you can choose your own time slot and skip the queue out the front (by already having Legoland Tokyo tickets organized). 

If you are late and miss your allotted time slot, you can still enter but must join the line with the general public. This is because Legoland counts how many visitors can enter the venue at one time.

The busiest times of year are during May & June (when it rains) and during the height of summer in July and August. 

Please be aware that the attractions at Legoland Discovery Center Odaiba rarely have a long line (and if there is a line, it moves quickly).

What should you take and wear to Legoland Tokyo?

Some of the play areas require children and adults to remove their shoes. For this reason, easily on-off shoes will make this easier. This means you will need to wear your nicer socks, too. If you are wearing sandals, then you will need to have socks in your bag. 

Three boys are taking off their shoes and placing them on shelves in the Ninjago area of LEGOLAND Discovery Center. The area is decorated with colorful banners and LEGO displays, and a sign on the floor instructs visitors to remove their shoes.
Taking off shoes in the Ninjago area

Outside food and drink are not allowed at Legoland Tokyo, although a water bottle is fine. If you have allergies, you are allowed to bring your own meals, but please show the staff on your way into the building. I’ve included the Legoland Cafe menu later in this article. 

Additional Things to Remember for Visiting Legoland in Tokyo

Please keep in mind that this is a venue made for children. For this reason, adults cannot enter Legoland on their own. They must be visiting with a child between 0 and 15 years of age.

Legoland Discovery Center is wheelchair accessible. Please ask staff for assistance with elevators in certain areas. 

How to Get to Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo

If you travel by train from Tokyo Station, take the Ueno-Tokyo Line or the Keihin Tohoku Line to Shinbashi Station and then the Yurikamome Line to Odaiba Kaihin Koen Station. 

As I mentioned above, my kids adore the unmanned train (it feels like a monorail) Yurikamome Line. This trip will take approximately 30 minutes. 

Always use Google Maps to give you the most direct route for the time of day you are travelling. Legoland is a two-minute walk from that station. 

You can also take the Keiyo Line to Shin-Kiba Station and walk to the Rinkai Line (2 minutes walk). Then, take the Rinkai Line to Tokyo Teleport Station. Legoland is a five-minute walk from this station. This trip will take approximately 35 minutes. 

If you decide to visit by taxi, it will take approximately 20 minutes and cost approximately 3,600 yen.

What’s Legoland Discovery Centre like? 

Legoland is a big, colourful Lego-themed playcentre designed with young, creative children in mind. 

The sections of Legoland are spread over two floors. Most attractions are on the main first floor. However, the VR section, a pop-up Lego workshop area, and the gift shop are on the lower floor. 

Before I go into the detail of what you will find inside Legoland Tokyo, I need to give you a little tip. Get ready for the first elevator (after you have taken the complimentary first photograph.) The elevator is like a Lego disco! It’s so cute and guaranteed to make kids and adults dance. 

Mini-Land Room

My family and I love that after the initial waiting area and photo section, there is the Mini-Land room. This is a miniature world of Tokyo landmarks (with buttons for kids to push to make some parts of these structures move). The area changes to night every few minutes, and the building lights come on, too. Keep an eye out for Godzilla popping up over the buildings, too! Oh, and the tiny mini-figure sumo stadium is not to be missed. 

Two boys observe a detailed LEGO miniature model of Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center. The model features bustling streets, numerous buildings, and a large LEGO Godzilla figure looming over the cityscape. A sign indicates this is a replica of a famous meeting place at Shibuya Station.
Mini-Land – Shibuya Crossing and Godzilla

Kingdom Quest

Next, you will walk past the entrance to ride-on attraction Kingdom Quest. This is a sit-down ride when you shoot at screens from your seat as you try and get all the Lego ‘bad’ guys.

The ride isn’t violent, and it isn’t 3D. It is like a moving arcade ride (a very similar idea to the Toy Story ride at Tokyo DisneySea or Monsters Inc at Tokyo Disneyland.) 

At the end of the ride you can compare scores with others in your little Kingdom Quest ride, if you like. 

After Mini-land and the Kingdom Quest areas, the path for guests is no longer set in order. The space is then open, and you can wander between any activity you like. 

A boy is smiling and holding a laser gun while riding the Kingdom Quest attraction at LEGOLAND Discovery Center. The ride features medieval-themed LEGO characters and decorations, illuminated by purple lighting. The boy appears excited as he aims at targets within the ride.
Kingdom Quest Ride at Legoland Discovery Center

Lego Ninjago City Adventure

The first major section you will find in this big open room is a giant indoor playground. The official title for this area is Lego Ninjago City Adventure. 

Not only is the entire playground Lego-themed, but it is also Japan-themed. Even if you’ve been lucky enough to visit other Legolands around the world, you won’t find a Mini-Land or Indoor Area quite like this one. 

Please note that the Lego Ninjago City Adventure is one of the sections that require shoes off. 

The playground has just one entry/exit, which is a great layout from a parent’s perspective. Parents can sit and take a rest for a moment, knowing that their child cannot wander into different sections without them.   My kids love the lightning drill games just near the entrance to the play area, where they can try and beat their own record each time. 

Two boys are playing in the Ninjago play area at LEGOLAND Discovery Center, surrounded by vibrant red walls and LEGO decorations. They are engaged in building with LEGO bricks on a table featuring a detailed Ninjago-themed landscape. Above them, colorful Ninjago banners are strung across the room.
Ninjago Play Area

Merlin’s Apprentice

After a little play here, we love to head for the other ride-on attraction, Merlin’s Apprentice. The ride is like a merry-go-round but with pedals. The more you pedal, the more you can choose how high you go! Merlin’s Apprentice is a slow-paced ride, so there is nothing scary going on here.   

On busy days, this attraction has the longest line, but a 10-15-minute wait is considered a long wait time here. Please note that children must be 90 cm tall to ride, and those between 90 and 120 cm tall must ride with an adult. 

Children ride the Merlin's Apprentice Ride at LEGOLAND Discovery Center. The ride features seats that lift and spin around a central column adorned with a LEGO wizard figure. The background is decorated with medieval-themed LEGO characters and wooden textures.
Merlin’s Apprentice Ride

4D Cinema Movies

Next, it’s time to keep an eye on what time the next 4D Cinema movies begin. 

We were delighted to see that the movie programs have changed. Although there are 3-4 different movies shown throughout the day here, the movies are now pure action with no words, which means zero language barrier. 

So what makes the cinema 4D? Guests wear 3D glasses (provided by the cinema upon entry), and the extra dimension means that sometimes there are fans for windy scenes, or light rain, etc. It’s very tame and lovely, family-friendly fun.

Legoland Tokyo, Japan, does not release its viewing schedule ahead of time, but it usually starts approximately one hour after opening time and then runs two to three times an hour. The 4D cinema experience is included in the entry ticket price. There is no need to make a reservation – line up a few minutes before the movie begins. 

Please don’t be nervous about missing a movie time. The staff walk around reminding guests and, also, the space is open, so you can pretty much see the movie entry spot from most parts of Legoland Tokyo in Odaiba. 

A boy sits in a red chair in the darkened 4D cinema at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo. The screen displays the LEGOLAND Discovery Center logo with "Tokyo" and "Decks Tokyo Beach" underneath, illuminated by vibrant lights. The theater is ready for a 4D movie experience.
Legoland Tokyo 4D Cinema

Other Attractions and Experiences

So what else is there to do at Legoland Tokyo after seeing the 4D movie, playing in the play area and riding the two ride-on attractions? Although they are smaller sections, I recommend being stopping and having a play at:

  • Duplo Village (especially if you are visiting with toddlers and babies.) You must remove your shoes before stepping on the carpeted Duplo section, as many babies and toddlers are crawling on the floor here. Children over 5 are asked not to enter the Duplo Village area. There is also no eating and drinking here.
  • Lego Friends Karaoke. My kids and my nephew are obsessed with this section. There are plenty of English songs. Ask the staff to assist if you can’t work it out. My nephew rocked out 30 solid minutes of Miley Cyrus here and was living his best life. 
Two boys are having fun at a LEGO Friends-themed karaoke station at LEGOLAND Discovery Center. One boy stands behind a pink podium with a microphone, while the other boy holds a microphone and looks up at him. The backdrop features colorful LEGO bricks and decorations.
Karaoke at Legoland Discovery Center
  • Lego Racers: Build & Test. This area is loved by babies and bigger kids. The idea? You build a Lego vehicle, send it down a giant race track to race against your friends, or send it down a deep slide race track and watch it smash to pieces at the bottom. 
A boy is testing a self-made LEGO car on a sloped track in the Build and Test section at LEGOLAND Discovery Center. He stands at the top of the ramp, releasing his car to race down. The backdrop features large images of LEGO race cars and racing graphics.
Racing self-made cars in the Build and Test Section

Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo and Cafe and Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is located at the exit of Legoland in Odaiba, while the cafe is in the middle of the centre. 

The LEGOLAND Discovery Center gift shop is filled with colorful LEGO sets and merchandise. Shelves display various LEGO Classic sets, and there are large LEGO figurines and themed decorations throughout the store. Visitors browse the keychains and other souvenirs available for purchase.
Legoland Discovery Center Gift Shop

All meals are ordered via a digital screen and collected from the counter. 

The cafe has ample seating and a menu that includes hot dogs, burgers, Lego brick-shaped fries, Japanese curry rice, and some sweets. See the full cafe menu here.   

The dining area at LEGOLAND Discovery Center features LEGO-themed decor, with walls designed to resemble a LEGO town including a bistro, a shop called "Miss LEGO," and another called "Brick Fast." Green tables and chairs are arranged for seating, and colorful hanging lights illuminate the space. A yellow sign points to the restrooms, exit, and elevators.
Dining Area at Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo

The Legoland Cafe does not cater to visitors with allergies. If you or your child have allergies, you can bring your own food, but you must show it to the front desk upon entering.

Final Thoughts

Legoland Discovery Centre Tokyo has so many different areas with lots of different types of Lego-themed events, workshops, and attractions.  

Even if you haven’t included Legoland Tokyo on your itinerary – when travelling with small children, I think it is a fantastic option to keep in the back of your mind for if the weather turns bad or kids just need some time to be kids in between family sightseeing adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo
  • Easily accessible, indoor amusement park in Odaiba.
  • Perfect for any weather, ensuring a fun day out.
  • Engaging activities and interactive attractions for families
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