The Ultimate Guide to the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo

Planning a trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Tokyo but not sure where to begin? Or trying to decide if the tour is for you? Perhaps you’re a Potterhead or a casual fan, a movie buff, a couple going on a date, or a parent planning a day out with the family.

Maybe you’re thinking about the logistics – how to get there, how much it will cost, do they sell food, or how long a visit will take. The world of Harry Potter is magical, but navigating the realities of such a trip can be less enchanting.

Well, you’re in great company. We are diehard Potterheads and experienced travellers. We’ve visited Potter-themed attractions globally and understand your concerns.

That’s why we’re here – to provide you with a practical guide to the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo that’s chock-full of information. It highlights the experiences that await you, details cost and location information, and provides insider tips. 

We want to turn your potential worries into anticipation and excitement. So let’s embark on this mystical journey together and uncover the wonders that await you as you walk in the footsteps of Harry Potter.

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Welcome to the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo

Ready your broom and prepare to journey into the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Tokyo. Let’s explore the magic behind the Potter phenomenon and gear up for the spellbinding adventure that lies ahead.

The Harry Potter Phenomenon

Harry Potter first entered the world on the 26th of June 1997 with the release of the novel Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This started a massive phenomenon, with the story spanning seven books over ten years. 

The books became a huge commercial success around the world. As of 2023, the Harry Potter books have sold over 600 million copies worldwide.

In 1999 Warner Bros bought the film rights for the Harry Potter story. They would soon begin crafting their first movie adaption with famed director Chris Columbus. 

On November 16th, 2001, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released in cinemas. And like the novel, it was a critical and commercial success. The movie made $974 million at the worldwide box office, and the sequels would begin to follow.

Harry Potter Movie Posters at the Studio Tour
Harry Potter Movie Posters at the Studio Tour

Since the release of the final Harry Potter film in 2011, there has continued to be a huge interest in the franchise with new media. The stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts I and II began in the London West End in June 2016. Tickets completely sold out within several hours. 

2016 would also see the release of the prequel movie Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, followed by two more sequels.

The anticipated Harry Potter video game Hogwarts Legacy was released in February 2023. The game received positive reviews from fans and critics and, to date, has sold over 15 million copies. 

On the 12th of April 2023, HBO Max confirmed that a brand new Harry Potter series had begun production. The series will be a new adaptation of the books, which aims to dive deeper into the original novels.

So after 26 years, it’s safe to say that Harry Potter is here to stay.

Introducing the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Tokyo

The Warner Bros Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter opened on the 16th of June 2023 in Toshimaen. The tour gives an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beast films. 

The Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo is the first Warner Bros Studio Tour to open in Asia. It is also the world’s largest indoor Harry Potter attraction, beating out London and New York. 

The Warner Bros Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter opened its doors in 2012 and has welcomed over 17 million visitors thus far. The new Tokyo Studio Tour plans to expand on that by featuring exclusive sets and attractions only available at this location.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo invites Potterheads, fans, and movie buffs into the enchanting world. You will get to visit film sets, see mesmerising movie props and gorgeous costumes, and learn the secrets of filmmaking. 

The making of Harry Potter Tokyo will have you visit iconic locations from the franchise, such as The Great Hall, the Forbidden Forest, Diagon Alley, and Platform 9 ¾.

The Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 3/4
The Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 3/4

There are also some entertaining, must-try interactive experiences. Visitors can be part of a crowd watching a Quidditch match recorded with camera trickery. 

You can ride a broomstick and fly across the United Kingdom with the power of a green screen. And visitors can also see themselves becoming a moving portrait in the halls of Hogwarts.

Fans of shopping will also be in their element with the world’s largest Harry Potter gift shop. A huge range of products is available to buy from gifts, souvenirs, stationery, clothing, wands, and much more. And many of these items are exclusive to the Tokyo Studio Tour.

And, of course, an enchanting day out can’t be complete without some food and refreshments. Enjoy a Butterbeer once you reach the Studio Tour’s backlot, which has some delicious snacks. 

Visitors can also sit down at one of the Harry Potter Studio Tour cafes, which serve various British meals, afternoon tea, and some sweet treats.

Who Should Visit The Harry Potter Studio Tour and Why

Is the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Tokyo for you? Here are some examples of those who might find the experience of Warner Bros Harry Potter Tokyo particularly captivating!

Harry Potter Fans

  • Experience the magic: Harry Potter fans will enjoy entering the world they’ve read about or seen in movies.
  • Behind-the-scenes insights: Visitors can gain a new perspective by seeing how the Harry Potter movies were made.

Movie Buffs and Pop Culture Enthusiasts

  • Hollywood in Tokyo: Check out how blockbuster movies are made.
  • Pop culture immersion: Be a part of one of the pop culture phenomenons of the 21st century.


  • The tour is for both adults and children, making it a perfect family outing.
  • Besides being fun, the tour encourages children’s imagination and creativity.

Travellers Seeking Different Experiences

  • This Harry Potter Studio Tour provides an experience only available in two other places (London and New York).

Overview of the Harry Potter Studio Tour

Let’s lift the curtain on the Harry Potter Studio Tour as we guide you through what to expect when you visit this enchanted world, one mystical section at a time.

Description of the Tour

The Harry Potter Studio Tour takes you through real and replica sets from the Harry Potter franchise. 

It starts by stepping through the doors into The Great Hall and discovering details that you may have missed in the movies. 

Continue your journey down to the usually off-limits Forbidden Forest, where you will see dark secrets and key moments from the movies. 

Visitors will get a chance to visit the place where the magic begins, Platform 9 ¾, and have your chance to step into the iconic Hogwarts Express train. 

As an exclusive to Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo, for the first time, visitors get to walk through a full-size stunning Ministry of Magic set. 

Of course, a visit to Harry Potter World wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the streets of Diagon Alley. Get your chance to see this iconic street with all the shop fronts and unique details.

Dumbledore in the Great Hall
Dumbledore in the Great Hall

There is a range of movie props on display, including the remarkable Goblet of Fire, as seen in the fourth film in the franchise. 

Also from The Goblet of Fire movie, visitors can see the Memory Cabinet, which contains almost 900 vials, all labelled with a different memory. 

There’s a huge collection of movie wands, all created with different designs and features and made from various kinds of wood.

The art department has some of their creations on display. There are a wide variety of unique masks which were worn by the followers of Lord Voldemort. One of the centrepieces of the tour is the replica scale model of Hogwarts Castle. This is an exact recreation of the one used in the movies, and it’s completely overwhelming to see it in person.

The beautiful and elaborate costumes are a crucial part of what brings the world of Harry Potter to life. Visitors will get to see some of these impressive costumes up close. 

You’ll get the chance to see a variety of Hogwarts uniforms and cloaks, represented with different house colours and emblems. 

The students weren’t always wearing uniforms, like when they went to the Yule Ball. A collection of formal gowns and dress robes are on full display. Dumbledore often wore some of the most elegant costumes throughout the series, and they have a collection of these.

A full Slytherin Hogwarts school uniform, complete with a cloak
A full Slytherin Hogwarts school uniform, complete with a cloak

The Harry Potter world is full of magical creatures and fantastic beasts. Some were created with CGI, and some were models or animatronics. 

On the studio tour, you can see the full-size model they used of Dobby for the filming of the movies. This was used as a reference point for the actors before they changed him to CGI in post-production. 

You also will come face-to-face with the animatronics of Buckbeak the Hippogriff and Aragog the Acromantula, which are very detailed and realistic.

For fans who prefer the visual effect side of filmmaking, visitors can see the process of a broomstick flying with a mixture of a rig and a green screen. 

You also get the chance to learn more about the complicated process of creating Computer Generated Imagery, from step-by-step guides on different layers of creature creation to before-and-after comparisons of the green screen.

As this is officially the world’s largest Harry Potter indoor attraction, it can take a good few hours to see the complete tour. The official website recommends 4 hours for the Harry Potter Studio Tour duration, but if you stop to read everything and watch all the videos throughout the tour, it can take as much as 6 hours or more.

So, if you’re big Harry Potter fans, give yourself plenty of time to fully appreciate the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo.

Harry Potter Studio Opening Hours

Looking for the right time to visit the tour but unsure of the opening and closing times? We have you covered.

Throughout July, the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo is open daily from 9:30 am, with the first tour beginning at 10:00 am. The final tour begins at 5:00 pm, with the studio closing at 8:30 pm.

In August, the tour is open daily from 8:30 am, with the first tour beginning at 9:00 am. The final tour begins at 6:30 pm, with the studio closing at 10:00 pm.

The opening times vary throughout the year, so it’s best to check the official website before finalising your plans.

Location and How to Get to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Tokyo

Let’s get you to your first class at Hogwarts! Whether you’re travelling the busy streets of Tokyo or appearing directly onto Platform 9 ¾, we’re here to guide you to the exact location of the Harry Potter Studio Tour.


Wondering where is the Harry Potter Studio Tour? The Harry Potter Studio Tour location is at 1 Chome-1-7 Kasugacho, Nerima City, Tokyo. The closest station is Toshimaen Station, and then it’s only a 5-minute walk to arrive at the tour. 

Toshimaen Station had a makeover before the Harry Potter Studio Tour opening. The station platform is now dark red. Featuring benches, phone boxes, and old-style clocks to resemble the Hogsmeade train station. 

Some of the trains arriving at Toshimaen Station are wrapped in Harry Potter designs.

A Train Arriving at Toshimaen Station
A Train Arriving at Toshimaen Station

After leaving Toshimaen Station, you will know for certain you are in the correct place. You will find large sculptures of a stag and doe, red British phone boxes, and a large LED screen playing videos from the Harry Potter franchise. There will also be signs pointing you in the right direction to the Warner Bros Studio Tour Tokyo.

If you arrive early, outside of the train station, there are plenty of cafes where you can have a coffee and a bite to eat, including a Doutor and a Starbucks. 

If you feel more peckish, there are also plenty of restaurants outside the station, including a sushi restaurant, an Italian restaurant, and a Chinese restaurant. There is also a FamilyMart for any convenience store needs.

Detailed Public Transportation Guide

For visitors still wondering what the best method of Harry Potter Studio transport is, it’s by train. Although not quite the Hogwarts Express, Tokyo trains are quick, clean, convenient, and easy to use. The Warner Bros Studio Tokyo website recommends using the train to avoid congestion.

Toshimaen is a simple station to get to from many different parts of Tokyo. From Ikebukuro Station, the journey is a straight 16-minute journey on the Ikebukuro Line. From Shinjuku, the journey will be 20 minutes straight on the Oedo Line. Very simple!

If you are staying further out in Tokyo, such as otaku heaven Akihabara, you can use the Chuo-Sobu Line from Akihabara Station to Yoyogi Station, switch to the Oedo Line and then ride it straight to Toshimaen Station. This journey’s total time is 44 minutes. 

Another area that is popular with tourists is Asakusa. From there, the journey will take 55 minutes. First, ride the Asakusa Line to Daimon Station, then switch to the Oedo Line and continue to Toshimaen Station.

Tokyo train stations can be overwhelming at first as a tourist. But the easiest way to use the trains is to get a Suica or Pasmo Card. These can be purchased at most of the ticket machines in the big stations or you can buy them in advance through Klook. 

Load the card up with money, then tap the card on the ticket gate when you enter the station. When you arrive at your destination, you can tap the card at the gate to exit, and it will calculate and deduct the fare from your ticket. 

If your balance is insufficient, the gate will let you know, and you can go to one of the charge machines and add more money to your card. It’s easy to use and saves you from worrying about buying individual tickets for each journey.

Also, Google Maps is your best friend. Enter your starting location and final destination, and it will let you know which line to use, where to transfer, journey time, and total price.

Parking Information for Those Driving

Getting to the tour by train is the best option for most people, but if you have to take a car, they have limited parking spaces which you have to book in advance on the official website. Parking costs 1800 Yen / US$13 and is paid for at the same time as booking your ticket. 

To drive there by car, exit the Tokyo Gaikan Expressway at “Oizumi I.C.” and onto Mejiro Street to the Studio Tour.

The Harry Potter Studio Address is: Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo, 1-1-7 Kasugacho, Nerima Ward, 179-0074 Tokyo.

If you are planning on driving in Tokyo, please remember these tips:

  • Drive on the left-hand side of the road.
  • The speed limit is 60 km per hour on general roads and 100 km per hour on expressways.
  • Everyone must wear seat belts. You can be penalised if seat belts are not worn.
  • Red lights always mean stop. There is no turning allowed at red lights. If you have a green arrow, you can turn only in the direction indicated by the arrow.
  • Vehicles turning left get the right-of-way. If you are turning right, then the oncoming vehicle has the right of way. Wait until the oncoming vehicle has gone through before you turn right.
  • Pedestrians always have the right-of-way, whether you are turning left or right.
  • There are no passing zones which are marked with a yellow centre line. You have to wait until you have passed this zone before you are allowed to overtake.
  • There are temporary stop signs where you must come to a complete stop. Look both ways and then continue driving.
  • Always come to a complete stop at railway crossings. Check both ways and in front of you before continuing.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is forbidden, as is talking on or using a cell/mobile phone.
  • In case of an accident, call 110 for the police, and call 119 for an ambulance and fire assistance.

Tickets and Pricing for Harry Potter Studio Japan

Gringotts may not manage Muggle money, but worry not. We’ll guide you through ticket options, prices, and where to purchase them.

Ticket Options

Different types of tickets are available depending on your age, so the Harry Potter Studio prices can vary. 

Purchase the correct tickets as they are non-changeable and non-refundable. There are adult tickets, junior tickets, and children tickets. There are no family packages available. 

For the full tour experience, you can also buy a tour package that comes with your tickets to Harry Potter Studio Tour, a digital guide, and a souvenir guidebook.

Ticket to the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo
Ticket to the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo

Pricing Information for Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo Tickets

Adult tickets are for 18 years and older and cost 6300 Yen / US$ 45. Junior tickets are for ages 12 to 17 years old and cost 5200 Yen / US$ 37. Child tickets are for ages 4 to 11 years old and cost 3800 Yen / US$ 27. Children under 4 get free entry.

The digital guide is 1300 Yen / US$ 10. This handheld audio-visual guide brings the Studio Tour to life with fascinating filmmaking facts. 

The exclusive souvenir guidebook, which you can take home, costs 2500 Yen / US$ 18. The digital guide and souvenir guidebook can be purchased separately or with your ticket as a package deal:

  • The Adult package is 9600 Yen / US$ 68.
  • The Junior package is 8600 Yen / US$ 61.
  • The Child package is 7300 Yen / US$ 52.

How and Where to Purchase Tickets

You must purchase Harry Potter Tokyo Tickets in advance as they can’t be purchased at the attraction. 

Only tickets purchased on the official website or through the authorised distributor Klook are valid for admission. Tickets purchased from unauthorised third-party websites and online auction sites are not valid for entry. Use coupon code MDE8G to get a $US5 coupon code for your first purchase through Klook.

The best way to book tickets is by visiting Klook. You can look at availability and check which days are sold out or which days have tickets available. 

After selecting your desired date, you can choose how many tickets you want and if they are adult, junior, or child tickets. You can also add a subway or train ticket to the deal if you want to make your trip even more convenient or if you want to pay for it all in advance.

The two train options include the Tokyo Subway Ticket 24 Hours (All Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines) and the One round trip Seibu rail pass between Seibu-Shinjuku Station/Takadanobaba Station/Ikebukuro Station and Hon-Kawagoe Station. 

Depending on which area of Tokyo you are travelling from, this might be worth adding to your ticket price.

Detailed Breakdown of Harry Potter Tour Tokyo Sections

Ready to take your place in the Wizarding World? Let’s unroll our Marauder’s Map and explore each enchanting corner of the Harry Potter Tokyo Tour.

The Great Hall

Visitors will begin their Journey into the world of Harry Potter by entering the magnificent Great Hall. This is one of the most iconic locations in the Harry Potter franchise, as many important and memorable scenes were filmed here. It’s hard not to get swept up in the moment as the doors open, and you step foot in The Great Hall. 

Admire all the fine details and craftsmanship from the set to seeing the actual costumes worn by Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Dumbledore. The floor is made from real Yorkstone, which was often used in constructing old castles because it is so durable. Walking around The Great Hall, you can even spot and appreciate the smallest details that you never noticed on film.

The Entrance to the Great Hall
The Entrance to the Great Hall

The Forbidden Forest

Normally off-limits to Hogwarts students, you are granted permission to enter the dark and eerie Forbidden Forest as a visitor. 

The forest is home to magical creatures and dark secrets and features an atmosphere unlike the rest of the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo. 

As you stroll through the forest, you can seek out key moments from the films, which are sprinkled throughout. Now is your chance to come face-to-face with Buckbeak, the winged hippogriff that Hagrid hid in the forest in the third movie. 

But not all Harry Potter creatures are so magnificent… be on the lookout for Aragog. The terrifying arachnid is waiting in its lair and doesn’t wish to be disturbed by visitors.

The Weasley Family Car in the Forbidden Forest
The Weasley Family Car in the Forbidden Forest

The Backlot

Around the midpoint of the tour, you will venture outside to the Backlot, which contains life-sized replicas of sets and props. 

There is a full-size replica of the Dursley’s house on 4 Privet Drive. Visitors can enter through the front door and walk through the house. Pass by the bedroom under the stairs and see where Harry’s journey began. 

Enter the living room and see the famous scene with all the Hogwarts letters flooding the room. And then step into the kitchen and see the remains of their dinner sitting on the worktops. 

At the Backlot, you can also see a replica of the spectacular triple-decker Knight Bus, which looks huge up close and makes for wonderful photo-ops. 

For more great photo opportunities, there’s a giant Wizard’s Chessboard, which you can stand on and pretend to be taking part in the game. Watch your head.

The Knight Bus in The Backlot
The Knight Bus in The Backlot

Platform 9 ¾

Have you ever wanted to run at the wall between platforms 9 and 10 to be transferred to the magical Platform 9 ¾? Well, now you can. Or, at least, you can take a photo to make it look like you did. 

Usually hidden from Muggles at King’s Cross Station, a section of Platform 9 ¾ has been recreated at Warner Bros Studio Tour Tokyo. This iconic location has a lot of meaning for Potter fans because it’s where Harry and Ron first met. 

Like them, you will have the chance to board the stunning Hogwarts Express. Walk down the train’s interior and look into carriages to have a sneak peek at how certain scenes were created. 

The Hogwarts Express Train that’s in the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo was an authentic steam train in Britain dating back to 1929. The train was restored and then delivered to Japan to be assembled and displayed on this tour. 

Don’t forget to check out The Railway Shop at this tour section, as it has unique souvenirs only available here.

Great Photo Opportunity at Platform 9 3/4
Great Photo Opportunity at Platform 9 3/4

Diagon Alley

Step onto the cobbled streets of Diagon Alley and you will realise how Harry must have felt when he first visited this mystical shopping street. This life-size street features some familiar shop fronts from the franchise. 

Why not try window shopping for a wand at Ollivanders Wand Shop, an owl at Eeylops Owl Emporium, or check out the Wizard Wheezes, the joke shop with a crazy standout exterior? 

Diagon Alley is a long street with many shops, and it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative with some photos. For the Potterheads, there are lots of easter eggs and hidden details to keep you occupied.

London Ministry of Magic

Exclusive to the Tokyo Harry Potter Studio Tour, visitors can step into the full-size London Ministry of Magic set. 

This set has walls over 10 meters high and covers an area of over 900 square meters. The details in this section are gorgeous, and you will want to walk around and admire all the craftsmanship on display. 

The set was built in London, then transported to Japan, where it was rebuilt and restored. To travel to the Ministry of Magic, staff could travel via the toilet, telephone, or the Floo Network using one of the fireplaces. These fireplaces are enormous, standing over three meters tall. 

Now you can become a Ministry of Magic employee by standing inside one and posing for a video as smoke and lighting mimic the magical effects.

Ministry of Magic
Ministry of Magic

Hogwarts Castle Model

Unfortunately, Muggles will never have the chance to enter Hogwarts Castle, but this is the next best thing. 

The Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo features a recreation of the scale model that was built for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The model was used during production to film the exterior shots of Hogwarts. Then the backgrounds were added later in post-production with CGI. 

This is a huge model in which you are allowed to walk around it 360 degrees and see all the details from every angle. Every part of Hogwarts, from the greenhouses to the boathouse to the owlery is all here. 

This model was used to capture complicated details. 86 artists and crewmembers created it and it includes more than 2500 fiber optic lights that act as torches and lanterns. 

If you add up the amount of man-hours that went into building and reworking the model, it would be over 74 years.

The Impressive Hogwarts Castle Model
The Impressive Hogwarts Castle Model

Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo Attractions and Highlights

Brace yourselves, Potterheads! This isn’t just any ordinary tour; it’s a journey filled with interactive experiences, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and spellbinding attractions.

Flying on a Broomstick

Every Harry Potter fan has dreamed of flying a broomstick, and now with the arrival of Studio Tour Harry Potter Tokyo, you will get your chance. 

You sit on a broomstick on a rig surrounded by a green screen, and a staff member directs you on how to act, where to look, and which way to lean. It might feel a little strange at the time, but do your best and be enthusiastic because this is where the magic happens. 

The green screen will be replaced with backdrop videos of the UK and Hogwarts. With movie magic, it will soon look like you are flying around the world of Harry Potter. You can view the complete finished video after the experience, and you can buy a copy of the video to take home with you.

Watch a Game of Quidditch

For the full Harry Potter experience, you will need to watch a game of Quidditch. While you might never get the chance to do this, the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo can make it look like you did. 

Exclusive to the Warner Bro Studio Tour Tokyo, visitors will be split into two different groups, Slytherin and Gryffindor fans. You will be placed into a Quidditch spectator stand, and when the camera starts rolling, a director will instruct you to cheer, boo, look up, and even duck. 

The footage is then edited together with a Quidditch game from the film and it looks like you are part of the crowd. The complete video is shown on screens after the experience concludes. You can also download the video by scanning a QR code to take home and show your friends.

Personalise a Death Eater Mask

And that’s not the only exclusive experience for the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo. If you are a follower of Lord Voldemort, you might want to conceal your identity with a Death Eater mask. 

The Death Eater masks designed by the Art Department gave each mask unique details to match the character’s personality. These masks were designed and etched by hand by the prop makers. 

While you can’t etch your own, there is an interactive digital mask-creator that allows you to personalise a Death Eater mask. The mask then magically appears on one of the screens on the tour.

Become a Moving Portrait

One of the most enchanting parts of the tour is the Grand Staircase, containing the moving staircases. 

The room is filled with moving portraits, like the movies, although now exclusive to Tokyo, you can become a moving portrait. 

There is a special area that allows you to record a video of yourself which will be edited into a moving portrait. This is then shown at the Grand Staircase as you become part of the art. And like the Quidditch experience, there is a QR code to scan, which allows you to download the video. It’s a great souvenir and memory from the tour.

All these experiences have a line for you to take part in, but only the Broomstick Experience had a long wait, of around 30 minutes. The other experiences were short or very quick queues. If you plan to do all these experiences, remember to add some time to your plans.

Dining Options at Warner Bros Studio Tour Tokyo

Fancy a Butterbeer, some Chocolate Frogs, or maybe classic British Fish and Chips? Let’s explore the mouthwatering dining options that await on the tour.

Themed Restaurants

If you are feeling peckish before the tour begins, there is a restaurant and cafe before the tour starts so you can enjoy some Harry Potter Studio Tour food. And don’t worry, the tour ends here, so you can also visit after the tour is complete. 

Frog Cafe

First, there is the beautifully themed Frog Cafe. The colour scheme of the Frog Cafe matches the packaging of the chocolate frog. And 2 of the seating areas resemble a giant version of the packaging, which makes for great photos. 

The Frog Cafe is for Muggles who love their sweet treats. There are cupcakes themed to your favourite of the four Hogwarts houses, complete with the house colours and adorned with the house flag. There’s a large selection of mouthwatering wizardly doughnuts and cakes. And you can’t have a cake without a coffee, so why not treat yourself to a specially designed coffee in the Caffe Latte Art Collection?

A Latte and a Butterbeer
A Latte and a Butterbeer

The Food Hall

The other option available before the tour is The Food Hall. This restaurant looks like The Great Hall, with long benches to sit on and tapestries of the four houses hanging from the ceiling. 

The menu has popular items complete with a British twist, including breakfast and dinner favourites. A variety of British classics are available, including the All Day Breakfast, Bangers and Mash, Shepherd’s Pie, and the classic Fish and Chips. 

Don’t fancy British cuisine? Other foods are available such as pizza, cheeseburgers, and various pasta dishes. You can wash it all down with a bottle of Guinness. 

The Food Hall is like a food court. You can order your food at the counter and then go to your seat, and a waiter will bring it out when it is ready.

The Backlot Cafe and Butterbeer Bar

When you arrive at the halfway point, you may wish to take a break. It just so happens, this is when The Backlot Cafe and the Butterbeer Bar appear. 

The Backlot Cafe Tokyo has a unique menu that is completely different from the London Studio Tour Backlot Cafe. 

You can show your full support for your favourite house by dining on either a Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff plate. Each house plate choice is a different signature British dish on a plate to match the house colours. 

There are also some sweet options available, including Hedwig’s cake, which is a cake in the shape and look of Hedwig… almost too beautiful to eat.

If you want the traditional British experience, you can order the Afternoon Tea by Ms Umbridge. This is a traditional afternoon tea served on a layered stand with a selection of sandwiches, scones, biscuits, cakes, and of course, tea. 

The afternoon tea has a time limit of 90 minutes and you can have refills on your tea for 60 minutes.

If you don’t want to sit down to a full meal, or you aren’t a fan of British cuisine, there is also the Showcase Menu at the Backlot Cafe. The Showcase menu features a variety of ready-made bento lunchboxes and sandwiches available to buy.

Nextdoor to The Backlot Cafe is the Butterbeer Bar. A trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour isn’t complete without sampling some of the iconic Butterbeer. This is a counter bar that specialises in the sweet drink as well as some small snacks. 

If you buy a Butterbeer, you get to keep the mini tankard it comes in. There is even a special area that allows you to wash the cup, dry it after use, and then put it in a bag for easy transportation. 

The snacks available to buy are popcorn, which can also come as a set with the Butterbeer, real British potato chips, and a gorgeous Pumpkin Pasty.

A Delicious Pumpkin Pasty
A Delicious Pumpkin Pasty

Dietary Restrictions

For vegetarians, some options are available at the cafes and restaurants. The Backlot Cafe has two options available, a veggie burger or a vegetable plate. 

If you chose the Backlot lunchboxes, there is a vegetable bento set. 

The Food Hall has three options available. The same veggie burger and vegetable plate, and also the choice of a veggie pizza. 

Japan doesn’t usually have the same amount of vegetarian or vegan options available in restaurants. Still, it’s good to see that the Harry Potter Studio Tour Food has a few choices.

Harry Potter Tour Shopping and Merchandise

Eager to bring a piece of the magic home with you? Let’s check out the enchanting range of merchandise available for aspiring witches and wizards!

Curious about what mysteries await you in the Harry Potter Studio Store? Well, there are two separate gift shops to spend time exploring. One is at the beginning of the tour, and the other one is at the mid-way point.

Main Harry Potter Studio Store

Be prepared to set aside a big chunk of time, as the first gift shop is the world’s largest Harry Potter Studio gift shop. 

For some fans, visiting the gift shop might be their main reason to visit the Studio, and it’s easy to see why. This gigantic gift shop is divided into 14 different sections. Some of the sections resemble shops from Diagon Alley, such as Ollivander’s, Honeydukes, and Flourish and Blotts. The gift shop stocks over 4000 different products.

You can visit the main gift shop either before or after the tour officially begins. This is great news if you want to buy a house-specific scarf or robe that you can then wear around the tour for photo ops.

Some of the must-buy items include Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and the Chocolate Frog. These make great gifts for friends and family, but they are so delicious you might end up eating them yourself. 

There’s also a massive range of wands available, as well as notebooks and walking sticks which can be customised in the shop. This creates a one-of-a-kind souvenir. 

For the big spenders, there are replica props from the movies, including the Firebolt broomstick and the Sword of Gryffindor, which looks completely stunning. For fans of plushies, there are loads of plush creatures available to buy with their dedicated section.

Exclusive Merchandise

There’s also a wide variety of merchandise exclusive to the Harry Potter Shop Tokyo. The stand-out exclusive items include anime-style images of the characters including Harry, Ron, and Hermoine. 

There are t-shirts, prints, magnets, and keyrings with this unique art style that will be popular with foreign tourists. 

The Harry Potter Tokyo logo is printed on various mugs, water bottles, t-shirts, and caps which are a more simple design than the other exclusive items.

The Railway Shop

The Railway Shop is the second Harry Potter Studio Tour Store. This gift shop is located around the halfway point at Platform 9 ¾ and sells a variety of souvenirs featuring some more exclusive items. 

Some of the exclusive souvenirs are Hogwarts Express merchandise, including mugs, backpacks, tote bags, and keychains. 

There’s also a variety of Hogwarts acceptance letters for purchase which can be personalised. 

For keen travellers, there are also wonderful Hogwarts Trunks and Cases which can be personalised and would make a great souvenir.

International Shipping for Merchandise

Unfortunately, the Harry Potter Studio Store does not currently offer a delivery or courier service. Most hotels in Tokyo will have a courier service that you can use.

Failing that, if you take the items to a local convenience store, such as 7-Eleven, Family Mart, and Lawson it will be possible to post items from there.

The Harry Potter Studio Tour does have a cloakroom though, which is ideal if you have made several purchases before starting the tour. You can store the items here and then pick them up at the end before leaving. Don’t forget!

Top Tips for the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo

Want to make your trip to the magical world of Harry Potter as bewitching as possible? Arm yourself with our insider tips and ensure your adventure is truly spellbinding!

Making the Most of Your Visit

Here are my top tips for Harry Potter Studio Tour in Japan to allow you to make the most of your visit.

The first thing to remember is this is not a theme park, so there are no rides. This is more like a museum. You will have the chance to feel like a cast member and learn about the stages of filmmaking. 

Prepare yourself for a lot of information, reading, walking, and, most importantly, a lot of fun. Having a good night’s rest before coming is very important as this can be a long day. As mentioned earlier, it took me over 6 hours to go around the complete tour.

The Entrance to the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo
The Entrance to the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo

The tour is laid out in a linear route, so don’t worry about missing any sections, as you will have to walk through every room. 

There is a map at the beginning which will tell you what each section of the tour will be. If you don’t want to be surprised by what’s coming next, a good idea would be to take a photo of the map. You can use it for reference as you work your way around the tour. 

There is also an audio guide available to buy, which you can pick up at the start of the tour to enhance your experience.

At the beginning of the tour, you will be advised to sign up for an account by scanning a QR code. This is very important. You scan the QR code, go to the website and register with your email address. 

Throughout the tour, there are some interactive video experiences. These videos will later be accessed through your account. So it’s important to make sure you do this.

There are also toilets available before the tour officially begins. This is recommended if you are in any doubt. There are many toilets throughout the tour, but the first one does not arrive until about 30 minutes into the tour.

Remember to stay hydrated throughout the tour and eat something substantial. The tour is so much fun and overwhelming at points, so it’s important to remember to eat and drink so that you don’t burn out. I’d recommend eating before coming to the tour and then eating at the halfway point and having a well-deserved rest from all the exploring.

Accessibility Information

Throughout the Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo, there are staff available in all sections who are on hand to offer help if you are in need. 

For visitors with a disability that have a valid ticket purchased for the tour, a free carer ticket can be provided. The carer tickets can be collected from the ticket windows upon arrival.

Wheelchairs are welcome inside the Harry Potter Studio Tour. However, mobility vehicles and electric scooters are not allowed. There are free manual wheelchairs that can be borrowed for those that arrive on electric scooters or mobility vehicles.

The Studio Tour welcomes all fully trained assistance dogs. There are staff members throughout the tour who can provide your assistance dog with a water bowl if needed.

There are disabled toilets throughout the entire tour.

Tips for Families

The tour is available for all ages and great for a family day out. Some children might find all the information a bit overwhelming, and you can keep walking if the children become unsettled. There will always be something to entertain them around the corner. 

The only section that might scare some younger children is the Forbidden Forest, especially if they have a fear of spiders. The rest of the tour is appropriate for all ages, and during the Backlot section, plenty of children were running around having fun.

There are also baby-changing facilities before the tour begins and throughout the rest of the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

What to Wear/Bring

The most important thing to bring is comfortable shoes. You will be walking for anywhere between four to six hours, and you don’t want foot pain to ruin your day. 

We also recommend staying light, no heavy backpacks or shopping bags. If you do have bags, you can always check them in the cloakroom.

Photographers and videographers can use cameras and mobile phones to take pictures and videos in most areas, apart from within the pre-show cinema and green screen areas. There are many great photo opportunities to create fantastic memories. But tripods are not allowed, as well as drones and other specialised equipment.

The majority of the tour is inside except for the Backlot area. It’s always safe to bring a raincoat or a small umbrella, but this is the only section that is not sheltered from the elements.

The Backlot
The Backlot

Don’t Wear Green!

The final tip for the Harry Potter Studio Tour is an important one. Do not wear green! As some of the interactive experiences use green screen technology, wearing green will ruin the effect. We saw some people trying to cover their green t-shirts before doing the broomstick experience. Save your favourite green shirt for another day.

Review of the Harry Potter Tour Experience

Let’s embark on a magical journey as we review the tour’s main attractions and offerings!

My Harry Potter Studio Review

After my Harry Potter Studio visit in London, I thought I was prepared to visit its Tokyo counterpart and do a review of the Harry Potter Studio Tour. But I realized that this version is much larger. 

This Harry Potter Studio Tour Visit took much longer than I had expected, and I wish I had prepared better. I only had a small breakfast before the tour, and at the halfway point, I had a snack. 

I should have eaten more at this stage because there was much more walking to do and waiting in lines for interactive experiences. Make sure you plan out your meals because it could be a long day, especially if you are a Potterhead.

Some of my favourite parts were the sets. Whether it was walking through Harry Potter’s house, entering the Hogwarts Express, or exploring the Ministry of Magic. This was the most magical part of the tour for me, and it made me feel like I had entered the movies. It was almost overwhelming at points because they looked astonishing.

The Dursley's Living Room
The Dursley’s Living Room

It’s brilliant getting to see some of the genuine props used from the movies in person. Yet I felt like there could have been more. It feels like they try to get a balance between sets, behind-the-scenes, costumes, and props. But for fans wanting to see real props up close, they are lacking in that aspect.

I was worried about parts of the tour being only in Japanese since it is based in Japan. After visiting some theme parks and museums around Japan, there were many times I was confused or felt like I couldn’t get all the information I needed. 

The Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo tackles this problem, something that other Japanese tourist attractions don’t always achieve. Every single video in Japanese had English subtitles, and every video in English had Japanese subtitles. 

Also, all the information next to the exhibitions was written in English and Japanese. The only time I struggled was in The Great Hall when a staff member was making announcements in Japanese, but I was too busy in awe of the details to bother.

Stand-out Elements

One of the stand-out elements for me is the size of the tour and the price. It’s great value for money with the time you can spend there and everything you can see and do. For a full day out, it’s good value for money.

The sets were my favourite part of the whole tour. The Great Hall was magnificent to see in person and the perfect way to start the tour. 

I felt emotional being in there, walking around and admiring all the tiniest details. The full-size Ministry of Magic set was another personal favourite. I don’t think photos can do justice to how big this is. The details and colours in this section are stunning, and it will be a great place for photoshoots. This is even more exciting because it’s exclusive to Tokyo.

The gift shop is another selling point of the tour. I had already read it was the biggest indoor Harry Potter gift shop, but I was still completely shocked when I saw it in person. The scale of the gift shop and the wide range of various merchandise means they have something for everyone. 

I also love the details and sets around the gift shop, meaning even walking around here is entertaining.

Room for Improvement

One of the main issues that I have with the Studio Tour is the prices for some of the merchandise and the restaurants. I wanted to buy quite a few items from the gift shop, but I realized I would be spending a small fortune. 

A robe will set you back 13,000 yen / US$ 92. A tie is 3200 yen / US$ 23. The pen I bought was 900 yen / US$ 7. 

In the Backlot Cafe, the Hogwarts Meal Sets are between 2900 and 3200 yen / US$ 21 and US$ 23, depending on which House’s Set Meal you pick. The ever-popular Butterbeer is 1100 yen / US$ 8, although you get to keep the cup, so it’s a drink and a souvenir. 

These prices might not seem too steep for some, but if it’s a family trip, this could add up.

We also had a small issue with the QR code, resulting in 2 of our videos getting lost. We aren’t sure what happened; unfortunately, the staff couldn’t help us. Make sure you use their Wifi, and if you go with a friend, make sure you both scan the QR codes to have a backup in case something happens to one of your accounts.

Costume Worn by Daniel Radcliffe
Costume Worn by Daniel Radcliffe

I would have liked to see more real movie props on the tour. Seeing the real props that you got to see in the movie was a wonderful experience, and I wish they managed to get a few more of them. The same could be said for sets. I had a great sense of joy whenever I got to explore a set, and I wish there were some extra ones.

Adding to the Harry Potter Studio Tour Experience in Japan

So, you’ve embraced the wonders of the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Tokyo, but the magic doesn’t have to end there! 

Extend your enchantment and discover more Harry Potter delights. From exploring other Potter-related attractions to savouring delectable treats at themed cafes, let’s dive into the wizarding wonders that await you in Japan.

Other Harry Potter-Related Attractions in Japan

The next dream location for Harry Potter fans is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Osaka at Universal Studios

Universal Studios Japan - Hagrid's Motorcycle in Harry Potter World
Universal Studios Japan – Hagrid’s Motorcycle in Harry Potter World

You will have the chance to see Hogwarts Castle and explore Hogsmeade which features shops and attractions. Make sure you ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. There are also more gift shops here for plenty of souvenirs and merchandise. Osaka is a 2 hours 30-minute bullet train from Tokyo, or you can fly there in 1 hour 15 minutes.

The stage play Harry Potter and The Cursed Child is currently running in Tokyo at the Akasaka ACT Theater with an all-Japanese cast. This play is a sequel to the books and focuses on Harry Potter’s son. 

The play has previously had rave reviews, and it’s now also a hit in Japan. They have a changing cast, but it has attracted some big names. So, depending on when you go, you might be lucky to see Tatsuya Fujiwara acting as Harry Potter. The play is currently running through December 2023.

Being the closest station to the play’s location, Akasaka station has had a bit of an HP makeover. As you are exiting the Theater, the stairs to the exit now resemble the Grand Staircase, with the walls being filled with portraits.

Harry Potter-Themed Cafes or Restaurants

For foodies wanting an extra dining experience relating to the world of Harry Potter, Tokyo has you sorted. In Akasaka Biz Tower you can find the themed Harry Potter Cafe. This cafe features traditional British meals such as fish and chips or a Sunday roast. 

There’s also Harry Potter-themed food like a golden tartar with a Golden Snitch in the middle, or cheese toasties branded with the Hogwarts logo. Yum! There are plenty of photo opportunities and Instagrammable moments.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Harry Potter Studio Tour

As you embark on your journey to the Harry Potter Studio Tour, it’s only natural for questions to dance around in your minds like mischievous Nifflers. But fear not! 

We’re here to illuminate the path and address the most common queries that tickle your curiosity.

Final Thoughts on the Harry Potter Studio Tour Experience

There has been a tremendous amount of hype for the new Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo ever since it was announced. This year, Tokyo residents and tourists have been counting down the days until it opens. And it lives up to the hype!

Whether you are a Potterhead, a casual fan, or someone interested in the movie-making experience, this Tour has something for everyone. 

If you have ever visited Disneyland, there is always a magical feeling in the air, and everyone seems to be in great spirits. The Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo feels the same way. 

There was a magical feeling in the air from the moment we got off the train, and it didn’t leave until we were on our way home. 

The tour is absolutely worth the ticket price.

References and Further Reading

Here are my recommended references and further reading for people planning a visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Tokyo.

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Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo
Harry Potter Studio Tour Tokyo

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