Japan Phone Data and Calling

Make sure you plan ahead to ensure you have the right data and phone call package for your phone while travelling in Japan. Options to ensure you have the right package include:

  • Purchasing an international data pack through your normal phone network provider – be aware that this option can work. However, the volume and speed of the data can be quite limited and expensive compared with other options.
  • If you are technologically challenged, renting a pocket wifi device is the easiest option. You can collect your pocket wifi device either upon arrival at your airport in Japan or get it delivered to your hotel. This option provides data only, not phone calls. You turn it on, log your phone into the wifi hotspot it generates, and you are good to go. Each night, you will need to recharge your pocket wifi device. Most providers also offer a backup battery, so if it (or your phone!) runs out of charge, you can recharge it on the go. At the end of your trip, you return your pocket wifi device either to a counter at the airport or via the included mail satchel – you package it up and post it before you go through airport security.
  • If you have a newer phone and are comfortable with a more technical setup process, you can purchase an eSim plan. Most eSims are data only, however there are some providers now starting to offer data + calling options for Japan. Most providers enable you to install an app or scan a QR code to activate your plan. Some Japan providers require you to collect your eSim code on arrival at your Japan airport.
  • Purchasing a pre-paid local sim card is a great option, and it is easier to install than an eSim. There are both data only and data + calling options. The sim card option usually includes the most data allowance and highest speeds. There are options to get your SIM card delivered to your home before you depart, collect it upon your arrival at the airport or get it delivered to your hotel.

See our recommended providers below for each option. For more information on each option check out our detailed articles on pocket wifi rentals, eSim plans and pre-paid sim cards for Japan.

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Japan Pocket Wifi Rental Options

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Japan eSim Plan Options

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Japan Pre-Paid Sim Card Options

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