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Are you unsure how you will get around Japan?

  • Trains and buses are the best local transport options inside the big cities, so see the information below on local transport cards for Japan.
  • For intercity travel in Japan, riding the shinkansen (or bullet train) or catching a Limited Express Train is the fastest option. However, it can be expensive. To save money, riding on an overnight intercity bus is a cost-effective option that also saves you money on accommodation.
  • Renting a car is a great option for exploring regional areas of Japan.
  • Multi-day tours and Cruises are great options for combining accommodation, transportation, and other costs into an upfront amount, minimising the need to work out how to book all of your trip elements.

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Local Transport Cards for Japan

For travel on local trains, buses, light rail and ferries inside larger cities in Japan, you will need an InterCity (or IC) card. Each local transport company in Japan issues their own version of this card, however once you have an IC card from one local area, it can be used for most local public transport across Japan – you only need one IC card.

The most common IC cards are Suica and Pasmo in Tokyo and Icoca in Osaka/Kyoto. Each person (including children above 6 years old) must have their own IC card to tap on and off as they travel. For iPhone users, and if you have a MasterCard (not Visa), you can add Suica or Pasmo to your Apple wallet (don’t download the Suica app), and then use your MasterCard to add credit. Foreign Android phone users do not currently have any options to use their phones. You must instead purchase a physical IC card.

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