Japan Travel Planning Newsletter – 12 August 2018

Japan Travel Planning

Welcome to the Japan Travel Planning fortnightly newsletter for 12 August 2018, which includes information to help you plan your trip to Japan, top travel deals and articles about Japan.

New Facebook Groups! – Rugby World Cup 2019 and Olympics 2020

We have just set up two new Facebook Groups to have a key focus on planning your travel to Japan for the upcoming Rugby World Cup in 2019 and  the Olympics in 2020.  If you are planning to visit Japan for either (or both!) of these events you are invited to join the groups with details below

We are just getting started in putting together the content for each of these groups and look forward to having a dedicated area where group members can interact without overloading the main group!

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Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links.  If you book after clicking on one of these links then we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Key Japan Planning Information

Major Upcoming Events in Japan

Japan has a great tradition of many summer festivals with the major events detailed below.  Note that for the Voyagin ticket options below that you may also be able to get coupon code discounts after clicking through to their website.

August is definitely the month for fireworks festivals in Japan, so to find out when an event have been scheduled check out this page for Tokyo and this page for Japan.

Japan also has a great range of music concerts available.  Voyagin also offers a concert ticket booking service for a very large range of events.  Click here to go to the Voyagin concert booking page, to see the options click the ‘Book Now’ button, then click on the Option section and the very large list of current options will appear for your consideration and to make your booking.

The Mt Fuji Climbing Season – 1 July to 10 September 2018

The Mt Fuji Summit Climbing Season is open over 1 July to 10 September 2018.  Voyagin has a great affordable climbing tour package with prices starting from $US 204 per person and you can also add on hire of essential equipment,  Click on this link to see the details and to make your Mt Fuji Climb Tour Booking through Voyagin.

Voyagin is currently running their the Summer Sale until 2 September 2018 with the following coupon code discounts:

  • Spend $US 150, Save $US 10, use coupon code`SUMMERSALE10`
  • Spend $US 300, Save $US 25, use coupon code `SUMMERSALE25`
  • Spend $US 450, Save $US 40, use coupon code `SUMMERSALE40`

Everything Sumo!

The official ticket sales for the September tournament in Tokyo over 9-24 September 2018 kicked off on 4 August 2018 – and sold out within 1-2 days.  The September tournament is one of the most popular so get in early to book your tickets.

Click here to book your September 2018 Sumo Tournament Tickets through Voyagin

The upcoming Grand Sumo Tournaments are as follows.

9 – 24 September 2018 in Tokyo.  Official ticket sales commenced on 4 August 2018 and are now sold out.

11- 25 November 2018 in Fukuoka.  Official ticket sales commence on 6 October 2018.

For more information about how to purchase your sumo wrestling tickets check out my article on How To Buy Sumo Wrestling Online Tickets In 2018.

Additional Information When Pre-Ordering Sumo Wrestling Tickets.

Note that we have had some group members not be successful in pre-ordering tickets through Voyagin - to give yourself the best option for success I recommend that you pre-order as soon as possible through Voyagin to be at the top of their list for tickets for your preferred day. Also be aware that in the event that Voyagin is unable to secure your pre-ordered tickets, they will quickly provide a full refund.

Featured Japan Activities – Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Japan in Osaka is a must visit theme park for many visitors to Japan.  What you may not be aware of that you can purchase both standard entry passes (1 and 1.5 days) as well as a large range of Express Passes which enable you to skip the queue for the majority of rides in the park, as well as providing pre-booked timed entry into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

A real challenge is that the Express Passes regularly sell out early for busy periods, so if you plan to purchase these passes you need to get in early to ensure that you do not miss out.  Note that pricing for Express Passes changes daily depending on the expected crowd sizes, so you need to look at the prices for the specific day you plan to visit.

Voyagin provides a great tool to help you find the right pass to suit your trip, and includes quick information about which passes are available for each day.  Click here to check out the prices and make your booking through Voyagin.

Click here to check out the latest USJ entry and Express Pass Options through Voyagin

For more detailed information about how to book your USJ tickets check out our article at this link.

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Top Japan Travel Deals This Week

Ninja Wifi Coupon Code Deal

Ninja Wifi is a very popular option to rent a pocket wifi for your trip to Japan.  You can book Ninja Wifi through Voyagin to get a 30% discount off the standard price.

Voyagin is currently running their the Summer Sale until 2 September 2018 with the following coupon code discounts:

  • Spend $US 150, Save $US 10, use coupon code`SUMMERSALE10`
  • Spend $US 300, Save $US 25, use coupon code `SUMMERSALE25`
  • Spend $US 450, Save $US 40, use coupon code `SUMMERSALE40`
Click here to check out prices and book your Ninja Wifi through Voyagin

Cheapoair – Flights and Hotel Bookings

  • Say Goodbye to Summer, Say Hello to Savings! Save up to $27 off flight & hotels with promo code HOT27. Book Now!  Promo code ends 30 August 2018.

End of Summer Season

Hotels Combined Tokyo Hotels

Hotels Combined currently have a deal on to help you find cheap hotels in Tokyo by clicking on the below image.

Find hotels cheap in Tokyo

Top Articles This Week From the Facebook Group

Jiro Dreams of Sushi Sukiyabashi Jiro Dinner

Many visitors to Japan are keen to visit a Michelin Star restaurant during their visit, but then find that the process to make a reservation can be challenging. No more so than the famous 3 Michelin Hat Jiro Dreams of Sushi restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo, as patronised by world leaders.

You will be stunned at the price tag, but I wanted to let you know that you can now make very limited reservations or place yourself on the waiting list through Voyagin. Check out this link to see (and cringe) at the price – but it would definitely be a once in a lifetime experience.

And if the price tag is too high you may want to check out some of the other ‘more affordable’ Michelin star restaurants which you can book through the Voyagin restaurant booking service…  Click here to see the large selection of restaurant options able to be booked through Voyagin – noting that you can also apply the current summer sale coupon codes to get a discounted price.

The Essential Guide to Two Weeks in Japan for First Time Visitors by Pretraveller

As a first time visitor to Japan it can be difficult to put together a two week itinerary which will work for you. There are so many choices and options! To help you to develop your own itinerary I have put together three sample itineraries for first timers which can then be easily tailored to suit your particular trip.  Click here to read more…

8 Memorable Things to Do in the Japanese Capital by Departures

Tokyo is one of the most awe-inspiring mega-cities on earth, and, inevitably, it pulls and tugs and tempts all five senses (usually all at once). Often, it tinkers and tampers with perception in unexpected ways—you may be surprised by the quietness of such a crowded city, or the chewing gum sugariness of a bite of sashimi at a hidden izakaya, or the sight of slightly odd, slightly imposing Neo-retro architecture rising out of its more corporate wards. It is a world within itself, and there are no shortages of singular adventures to be had (but do get ready to steel yourself; if you’re flying in from any of the United States’s timezones, the jet lag is brutal).

Inspired by Perrier-Jouët’s mesmeric Eden event held last Thursday, here’s a list of eight of the best experiential activities to do in Tokyo right now—from the stimulatingly neon to the thrilling throwbacks.  Click here to read more…

The best Tokyo onsen and bathhouses by Tokyo Cheapo

There are two types of bathhouses in Tokyo and throughout Japan: onsen and sento. While there are obvious similarities between the two – they’re both communal hot-water baths and visitors must adhere to certain rules of etiquette – there is one significant difference: onsen are filled with natural volcanic spring water, known for its rich and healing mineral content, while sento simply use heated tap water (although some do add minerals and infusions to the water).

Although Tokyo is packed with bathhouses, finding one to suit your needs can be a bit of a challenge. That’s where we come in: our roundups of Tokyo’s best onsen and sento will help you find your bearings, while our guide to hot spring getaways will satisfy those of you looking for a less urban soaking experience. And before you hop in, don’t forget to read up on some onsen etiquette.  Click here to read more…

Thanks Anne and Tony.

PS. If you have any questions you are welcome to ask questions in the Japan Travel Planning Facebook Group

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You are also welcome to join our Japan Travel Planning Facebook Group – it is a great resource to enable you be inspired and to ask questions about your upcoming trip to Japan!

Japan Travel Planning

Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links.  If you book after clicking on one of these links then we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

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